Neil Stewart
born East London, 1955, Lives and works in London, UK
Gorge, 2004
Still from single monitor video, continuous loop, colour, silent.
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Neil Stewart’s practice explores the idea of time and the nature of motion in the space between the virtual and the actual. This primarily involves making models directly for the video camera/monitor in order to manipulate time based criteria including light, rhythm, repetition, stillness, etc. Whether model or reality, Neil Stewart privileges the concept of wholeness and simplicity over fragments and narrative.

Neil Stewart is Programme Director, Global Art Practice at Chelsea College of Art & Design – The University of the Arts London.

2003 - 2005, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design,
MA Fine Art

1999 - 2003, Chelsea College of Art & Design, BA (First Class Hons) Fine Art: Practice & Theory of Visual Art

1973 - 1976, University of East Anglia, BA Social Studies

selected exhibitions


September/October - Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt am Main
- with Petra Johanna Barfs

June/July - 3Things, RUN Gallery, London - with Peter Blake, Gavin Bryars, Bruce McLean, Mark Titchner, David Toop, Suzanne Treister and others; selected by Donald Smith.

May 2007 - At War with the Mystics, Francis Hair Fashions Gallery, London.


October/November - Distance & Proximity, The Trafalgar, London.

September/October - Core, Illluminate Productions, London, with Anya Gallaccio, Julius Popp, David Cotterrell, Caroline Jones and others.

July/August & December - MissMao, Blacklist Projects, London & 798 Chaoyang District, Beijing (closed down), with the Gao Brothers.

June/August - Turtle, Chelsea Space, London - an anarchic salon by Michael H Shamberg, including Lawrence Weiner, Yvonne Rainer, Gavin Bryars, Carl Andre, Dan Graham, John Baldessari, Liam Gillick and numerous others.

January - Zone 1 - Dislocated, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm


September/October - Flux, Illuminate Productions, London, with David Medalla, Jeppe Hein, David Cotterell, David Ryan, Zebedee Jones and others.

July - CSM Symposium, Matt’s Gallery, London, performance ‘The Dimensions of Time’.

April - On the Underbelly, London; curated by Gareth Polmeer and Neva Elliot in association with Central St. Martins College of Art & Design and Chelsea College of Art & Design.

February - Leviathan, Candid Arts Trust, London; curated by JJ Charlesworth.


August/October - The Red Mansion Art Prize, Sou Jia Cun Studios,
Beijing & Royal College of Art, London, with Zoë Brown, Maisie Kendall, Jennie Coles, Bruno Pacheco and Belen Uriel.

September - Illuminate, Jasmine Studios Hammersmith, London,with Noel Forster, Laurence Kavanagh, Diamuird Kelly, David Ryan, Donald Smith and others; curated by Caroline Jones.

August - The Rough & The Smooth, Changing Room Gallery, London; curated by Mark Wilsher and Rosie Hinrichsen.

July/November - 60 Seconds, 291 Gallery/Space TwoTenTwo, London & Darklight Film Festival, Dublin, with 85 international artists; curated by James Payne and Cliodhna Murphy.

May - Field, The Foundry Gallery, London; curated by Paul Caton


December - Post-Postal, euroart gallery, Tottenham, London

September - Tension, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands, London

July - Show Apartment, Lavender Hill, London;
curated by Catherine Dyer

May - none, The Nunnery, London

artist multiples

"Heimat" - published to coincide with the exhibition Neil Stewart.Petra Johanna Barfs, Galerie Lorenz , Frankfurt/Main, 2007

December 2006 - shytstem, Issue 1, published by Eddie Farrell and Michael Wedgwood,

December 2006 - fold06, published by Global Art Practice, Chelsea College of Art and Design


Published texts by Neil Stewart include:

The Unnamable - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Summer 2007

Keeping Time (interview with David Rooney, Curator of Timekeeping, Royal Observatory Greenwich) - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Spring 2007

The Studio Situation - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Winter 2006

Distance & Proximity - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Summer 2006

China’s Time - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Winter 2005 London Art: Insular and Parochial? - ArtSEEN Journal, London/Florence, Spring 2006

The Whole of Time (London: Central St Martins College of Art & Design, 2005)

Who Watches the Watchmen... - The Oily Rag (Editors JJ Charlesworth and Sally O’Reilly), Bloomberg Space, Issue 6, 2-6 March 2004

Many Hands Make Light Work (on Maggie Ellenby) - The Oily Rag (Editors JJ Charlesworth and Sally O’Reilly), Bloomberg Space, Issue 5, 24-27 February 2004

In Search of Pure Time (London: Chelsea College of Art & Design, 2003)

The Digital Consumer (Basingstoke: Teamworks, 1996)

Convergence - The Digital Renaissance (London: The Amdahl Executive Institute, 1995)

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