Petra Johanna Barfs.Neil Stewart______31st Aug – 5th Oct 2007
Private View
Petra Johanna Barfs.Neil Stewart 31st August 2007
copyright all images: donald smith
Petra Johanna Barfs photographic work analyses notions of sociological identity and „heimat“. Juxtaposed are the works of London-based artist Neil Stewart. Neil Stewart’s practice explores the idea of time and the nature of motion in the space between the virtual and the actual.
Whilst the photography appears to be stills from a documentary-style movie, Stewarts video-work takes on the qualities of a photograph. Petra Johanna Barfs work seems to forensically examine the past leading her into the present where Neil Stewarts work offers a "what if..." scenario into the future.
Through layers of stories – told and untold – they form an intriguing link yet remain self-sufficient as separate bodies of work.