Laura Kuch
born 1980, lives and works in London, UK
'Wenn die Wand nicht gewesen wäre hätt’s die Weide in die Welt geweht'
(Without the wall the wind would have carried the willow into the world),
(2009, marble mortar, willow charcoal, white paint, one breath)
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Since 2010: Practice-related PhD programme in Fine Art,
Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

2008 - 2009: Research Developmant Program
Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

2004 - 2008: Fine Art at the HfBK Städelschule Frankfurt a. M.,
class Prof. Tobias Rehberger

2000 - 2005: Fine Art at the HfG Offenbach, Academy of Art and Design, with Prof. Heiner Blum

solo exhibitions and scholarships


“Wunderkammer II“ Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt


“Wenn der Wind nicht gewesen wäre hätt’s die Weide in die Welt geweht“ (“Without the Wall the Wind would have carried the Willow into the World“), Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt


Scholarship of the German Academic Foundation (DAAD)

„oh word“, Galerie Lorenz, Frankfurt, (Cat.)


„Talking about this work for 1h 2min and 27 sec”, Video Subzone, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt

„Mach dass alles gut wird /  Make that everything will be alright“, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden


”Mama, Mama”, Laxart Sound Gallery, Los Angeles

2005-2008 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)


Scholarship of the Johannes-Mosbach-Foundation

group exhibitions


“COVER”, Nachtspeicher, Hamburg

“Surplus to Requirements?”, Woburn Research Centre, London


“Spillage”, group show of the PhD students of the
Slade School of Art, Woburn Research Centre, London

“Ghosts of Dreams Deferred”
Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, Kosovo

“Seriously....? Exploring sincerity in contemporary film and performance“, University of Hertfordshire, St. Albans


 “Ever Level”
Ve.Sch – Society for Space and Form in Fine Art, Vienna

“D E L O C A L I S A T I O N”
Curator: Fatos Ustek, Artists: Marjolijn Dijkman, Claire Fontaine, Laura Kuch, Runo Lagomarsino, Ine Lamers, Ahmet Ogut, and Hildegard Spielhofer, press to exit project space, c/o Cultural Centre “CK”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

“DADADA”, DAAD scholarship holders exhibition,
Ada Gallery, London

“SIX“, Research Development Programme exhibition, Research Centre, Slade School of Art, London

“Love in the age of postponed democracy, the critical crisis”,  Kunsthalle Luzern

“Seriously....? Exploring sincerity in contemporary film and performance“, Arts Depot, London


„Ende 2008“, graduate show, Städelmuseum, Frankfurt, (Cat.)

„Wortlos“, Coma, Frankfurt (Cat.)

„Einen Roland für einen Oliver“, show of the Class Tobias Rehberger, Kunstverein Ettlingen (Cat.)


Participation in the 2nd Moscow Biennale, group show „Matters&Memories“, Vinzavot, Moscow

Participation in the 4th Gothenburg Biennale, Collaboration Project “Elena, Laura, Michael & Olli (for Matthew and Barbara), Ladan - The Mobile Box, Gothenburg

„Haven‘t we met before?“, Atelier 23, Heidelberg


“Festival of young talents - Schnittstellen”, Faire Offenbach, 2006, (Cat.)

Preselection of the 4th Berlin Biennal for Contemporary Art 2006 (Cat. „Checkpoint Charly“)

„Ersatzbank der Gefühle / Substitute Bench of Emotion“, City Museum, Halle

„Two swans a carpet and a tune“, exhibition together with André Normann, Doppelzimmer Giessen


“Art students display their work”, 17. Federal Competition, Art and Exhibition Hall of the Republic of Germany, Bonn,  (Cat.)

“Art Positions”, Allgemeine Hypothekenbank Rheinboden AG, Frankfurt a. M., (Cat.)


“Project 4.1”, Bookfaire Frankfurt a. M.

“Festival of young talents”, Faire Offenbach, (Cat.)

Publication Contributions

“Delocalisation”, exhibition publication published by Fatos Ustek and Press to Exit Project Space, Skopje, Macedonia, 2009

“DADAADA“, exhibition catalogue of the DAAD scholarship holders, 2009

“Ende 2008“, exhibition catalogue, Städelschule, Frankfurt, 2008

“Wortlos“, exhibition catalogue, Coma, Frankfurt, 2008

“Einen Roland für einen Oliver“,publication for show of the Class Tobias Rehberger at Kunstverein Ettlingen, 2008

“oh word”, publication on the solo show at Galerie Lorenz Frankfurt, 2008

“Biennale's Special Projects” catalogue of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, 2007

“Festival of young talents - Schnittstellen”, exhibition catalogue published by HfG Offenbach, 2006

„Checkpoint Charly“) catalogie on the preselection of the 4th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2006

“Ersatzbank der Gefühle / Substitute Bench of Emotion“ exhibition catalogue, City Museum Halle

“Art students display their work”, exhibition catalogue published by Art and Exhibition Hall of the Republic of Germany, Bonn, 2005

“Art Positions”, exhibition catalogue published by HfG Offenbach and  Allgemeine Hypothekenbank Rheinboden AG Frankfurt, 2005

“Festival of young talents“, exhibition catalogue,
published by HfG Offenbach


 “Schwarze Spiegel – Laura Kuch in der Frankfurter Galerie Lorenz”, article by Christoph Schütte, FAZ, October 17th 2009

“Der 15. Saisonstart Frankfurter Galerien - Der krisenfeste Solitär”, article by Hortense Pisano, artnet magazine, September 11th 2009

“Lichter im Paralleluniversum”,
article by Christoph Schütte, FAZ, September 6th 2009

“Das Blaue vom Himmel - Laura Kuch in der Galerie Lorenz”,
article by Christoph Schütte, FAZ, April 15th 2008

“Schau der Städelschule - Jeder bis zum eigenen Wahnsinn”,
article by Konstanze Crüwell, FAZ, September 4th 2008

“Vom Kitsch befreite Versprechungen – Der Nassauische Kunstverein zeigt Arbeiten von Laura Kuch”, article by
Katinka Fisccher, Wiesbadener Tagblatt, September 29th 2007

“Laura Kuch und André Normann im Doppelzimmer”,
article by Frank Sygusch, Giepen Server, November 12th 2006

“Zwei Schwäne, ein Radio und ein Wasserglas”, article by
Volker Heller, Gießener Allgemeine, November 14th 2006

“Der Wunsch niederzuknien”, article by Philip Eppelsheim, FAZ, February 11th 2006

Artist Talks and Conferences

Practice-Based Research in Art & Design Conference, Bauhaus University Weimar (upcoming)

‘The Seed of Romanticism. Exploring the German Romantics’ ideas and their relevance for conceptual artistic creation and the investigation of artistic creation in Modern and Contemporary Art’, Bartlett School of Architecture, London, 2011

‘Wunderkammer’, Artist Practice Day,
Camden Arts Centre London 2010

‘On “Talking about this work for 1h 2min and 27 sec” in “Seriously....? Exploring sincerity in contemporary film and performance“, Arts Depot London, 2008

‘On ”two swans a carpet and a tune”, Doppelzimmer, Gießen, 2006

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